Did You Know?

- More than 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world

- An estimated 1.4 trillion plastic bottles and cans are used every year

- Its takes more than 400years for a single use plastic bottle to decompose

- Even if you mean well and recycle a single-use plastic bottle, the capacity of most governments to recycle is under 20%, so it likely ends up in landfill

- Products made from recycled plastics generally can’t be recycled again and end up in landfills

How Can Each Of Us Make A Difference?

With the constant growing of global economies over the last 60 years, companies have moved from producing a smaller number of high-quality products to large volumes of cheaper products. These cheaper products are made of cheaper materials, which give them shorter lifespans.

Huge marketing campaigns from highly competitive industries have educated the consumer to demand more value, not realising that this type of value comes with a cost to our planet and future generations.

Studies have shown that while we may save money on the initial purchase, the replacement costs over the years far outweigh the cost of buying quality in the beginning.

Now it’s a desperate effort to re-educate consumers on the value that comes from long lifespan products made from quality materials.

How can each of us make a difference?

We can start demanding quality products from ALL companies and make our purchases with the understanding that great value comes from the lifespan of a product – not the price.

Our excellent performance is largely due to the patented design and quality of materials used.

The design of the Revomax lid has a double seal, with the first seal focusing low in the neck of the flask where it is vacuum insulated. This ensures there is a temperature compromise through the wall.

The second seal is focused on the top lip of the flask. This seal creates a chamber in the neck of the flask, adding insulation between your beverage and the outside influences of temperature.

The high-quality food grade silicone seal is designed so both seals have a constant state of connection, ensuring two perfect seals working together.

With traditional thread lids, the neck of the flask has no insulation. This method causes temperature migration through the wall and thread

The Revomax lid system is guaranteed to be 100% leak-proof and spill-proof because it is threadless and features a triple lock and double seal.

The innovative lid system is binary with only two consistent states: open or closed. There is no in-between that could cause a spill or leak. With the triple locking lid and double seal, your beverage stays exactly where it should.

Quick - The Revomax lid system is so quick, you can open and close it in less than two seconds.

Simple - You can open and close your Revomax bottle with just one hand. It is perfect if you have one hand already occupied or experience challenges with grip strength.

Secure- Our triple lock, double seal lid system is 100% guaranteed. You can be confident that the lid will never loosen, leaving your mouth dry and your valuables wet. 

Reliable – 18hrs hot or 36hrs cold and will never let you down.

Absolutely! The unique design enables the bottle to be opened with just three fingers. Whether you are 4 years old or 94 years old, a simple press of the locking buttons will open the bottle and a pinch of just two fingers will have it locked again.

Whilst we have received reviews from parents who have children as young as 3yrs able to independently open/close their bottle, we recommend usage from the age of 4 years.

The diameter of 32oz Revomax insulated flask is 87mm or 3.43", so it depends on the sizes of cup holders. It fits well in most of bigger cup holders, but it does not fit in the small ones intended for soft drink cans or coffee cups.

Absolutely! One of the many features of the Revomax twist-free lid is the gas exhaust valve which regulates pressure release for carbonated drinks.

Yes, all flasks and glass bottles share the same mouth opening, allowing you to mix colour combinations to create your own unique look.

The Revomax seal is produced using an eco-friendly, 100% food-grade silicone.

The Revomax lid is constructed of premium food-grade polypropylene plastic, which is considered the safest of all plastics. It has a high heat tolerance making it safe to use with food and beverage storage. The same plastic is used in yogurt and many other food containers in supermarkets.

All parts of the Revomax lid and Borosilicate glass bottle are dishwasher safe.

We do not recommend putting the Revomax flask in the dishwasher, as it is possible that some heat cycles may compromise the vacuum insulation.

To ensure the freshest possible beverage storage, we always suggest washing bottles with a brush and giving them a good rinse to remove any soap residue.

Revomax head office is based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, USA.

Our products are designed in Portland, Oregon, USA and manufactured responsibly in China. Quality is assured by Revomax engineers during production.

Shipping is available to all countries worldwide.