Revolution Through Innovation

The Problem

On news channels all over the world, we see reports of the impact humans have on our planet. The outcomes are dire if we do not change our ways and change them fast.

Thankfully, we also see stories of young people taking action around the globe. These innovative thinkers are seeking solutions to the problems we face today and using their talents to education others.

The Inspiration

Boyan Slat, a 22-year-old from the Netherlands, is one of the world's newest innovators. He invented an ocean cleaning system that targets "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch." Made up of plastics and short lifespan products that have been discarded into our rivers and oceans, these garbage patches threaten our environment.

Slat's invention is already used in many rivers and oceans, and he is on-track to reach his goal of cleaning 90% of the ocean's plastic pollution.

Our Solution

At Revomax, we continue to wage war on short lifespan products and single-use plastics. Led by the innovations from our founder, we are dedicated to developing new products that make a difference and sharing them with the world.

We have also made it our mission to encourage and support the young innovators of our time who are committed to making our planet a better place to live for future generations.

We want to build a community that encourages, supports, and celebrates innovative ideas that change the world for the better - both big and small.

We invite you to join us on our quest for a Revolution Through Innovation. The world desperately needs young innovators and problem-solvers to unite, and together we can lead the change.

Our mission is to create a "Revolution Through Innovation" for the better of our planet

 want to inspire young innovators to change the world for the better, while we at Revomax lead by example through our own innovations targeting the discontinued use of short lifespan products and plastics.

Things can always be made better, so let’s use our innovation, and do it together!